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Just count to 3
When three people* that you have referred to PacInfo sign up for one of our internet connection services or web hosting plans, we'll reward YOU with a FREE month of Internet Service (worth up to $21)! All you need to do is have them give us your name as their referral contact - we'll keep score! On the last billing day of each quarter we'll add 'em up …1, 2, 3…Internet for FREE!

Not only will your friend receive PacInfo's friendly, reliable service, we'll also provide them with 6 months of SPAM filtering FREE as a "thank you". Everybody wins!

Want an added bonus? When your total reaches 10 people in a year+ we'll pay you a cash reward of $15 per new referral customer (in additional to your FREE Internet Service). Yes, that's right! Become a SUPER REFERRER! Get paid for recommending PacInfo to your family and friends! As you can see, it doesn't take many referrals to help supplement your income. Just a few sign-ups per month can really bring in significant additional revenue to your pocketbook!

Also ask us about our special Referral Program for new Web Design and Application Development customers.

*Credits are given for referrals of NEW customers only. Therefore, upgrades of current accounts, renewals, or new accounts under existing customers DO NOT receive credit.
+Calendar year January through December

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1. One Free month’s worth of Dial-up or DSL internet service will be awarded for each three NEW referral customers who initiate a NEW internet connection or hosting service with PacInfo, in the month following the quarter in which it was earned.
2. Customers on Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual service plans will see their “Free month(s) of service” applied at the end of their current contract period.
3. Upgrades of current accounts, renewals, or new accounts under existing customers DO NOT receive credit.
4. For web-hosting customers who do not have an internet connection service through PacInfo, the equivalent of a single month’s Dial-up service will be credited to their account, in the month following the quarter in which it was earned.
5. New customers are required to pay the current pro-rated service charge for the initial month of activation, plus the first full month’s internet connection fee at the time of service initiation.
6. Due to tracking limitations, each new customer can specify only one referrer.
7. The awarding of the “Free month of service” will be calculated on the last working day of each calendar quarter (Jan-Mar; April-June; July-Sept; Oct-Dec).
8. A “Year” designates the calendar year of January through December.
9. Referral “points” will roll over from quarter to quarter; but not from one Year to the next.
10. Awards are not-transferable to any other customer.
11. There is no cash value or refund value for the Internet Service Award.
12. Award notification will be made by email.
13. PacInfo Customers who refer 10 or more new internet connection customers in a calendar year will receive a cash award of $15 each for referrals #10 and beyond, in addition to earning Free service (as stipulated above).
14. PacInfo customers referring new Website Design and Application Development customers are eligible to receive cash awards of $50 or 2% (which ever is greater) of the new “custom” development cost. Interim and Economic Solution template awards will be based on the value of the “Complete License” fee.
15. This reward program is at the sole discretion of PacInfo. Therefore PacInfo reserves the right to update, alter or revoke " the rules and regulations" in part or in its entirety at anytime.
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