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How do I set up my PacInfo dialup account?
What information do I need to setup my Internet connection?
Why do I keep getting disconnected?
Does PacInfo support V.92 technology?
Can I login to PacInfo on two separate computers?
Why is my connection speed less than 56K?
What's included with a PacInfo Individual Dialup account?
How do I set up my PacInfo dial up account?
Setting up the dialup networking properties for your PacInfo account depends on the type of operating system used. The simplest way to get started is to use a program called a Connection Wizard. In Windows, you can launch the Connection Wizard by following these steps:

1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar.
2. Choose Run from the options listed.
3. Under the Open prompt type: inetwiz.
4. Click Ok (or press Return on your keyboard).
5. Once the wizard is launched, it will guide you through the process of establishing an Internet connection.

For Mac users, the wizard is called Internet Setup Assistant and may not be availalbe for all versions fo OS. To launch the Internet Setup Assistant:

1. Click on the Apple icon on the Macintosh taskbar.
2. Choose Internet Access.
3. Select Internet Setup Assistant (if available).

What information do I need to set up my Internet connection?
In order to configure dialup networking for a connection to PacInfo, you will need the following information:

Connection Name: pacinfo
Phone Number: 541.762.7762
Username (or Account Name)
If you have forgotten your password, call a PacInfo support technician at 541.344.5006 and they can help you obtain this information.
Why do I keep getting disconnected?
There are several reasons why you may lose your connection to PacInfo. Consider the following:

Some applications on your computer share your Internet connection. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the Internet and Outlook Express (OE) to access your e-mail, both applications can use the same Internet connection to send/receive data over the Internet. However, if OE is set to automatically disconnect after sending/receiving e-mail, your connection can be lost while browsing the Internet with IE if you have OE open at the same time. To fix this problem, open OE and choose Tools > Options from the menu. Click on the Connection tab and uncheck the box labeled Hang up after sending and receiving.

PacInfo will not disconnect active users. However, if you have an idle connection open to PacInfo while doing other, non-Internet related work (such as text editing with MS Word), PacInfo can release the connection after 20 minutes of idle time. To avoid this situation, you can keep Outlook Express open in the background while you are working and set the mail client to Check for new messages every 15 minutes. To set the mail checking interval, choose Tools > Options from the menu. Click on the General tab. Under Send/Receive Messages check the checkbox labeled Check for new messages every __ minute(s). Adjust the interval as necessary.
Your dialup connection relies on your dialup modem and a protocol called TCP/IP. Using the TCP/IP protocol, your modem communicates with with a modem from our modem pool to send and receive data over the Internet. If the phone line connecting these modems has a lot of static, the modem at PacInfo may have difficulty communicating with the modem connected to your computer. If the modem at PacInfo waits for a period of time without receiving a response from your modem (due to the poor phone line), the modem at PacInfo will think the connection was lost and hang up.
Your modem could be malfunctioning or in need of an updated driver. If you were connecting just fine prior to ugrading your operating system, you may need to install a new driver for your modem. In some cases, older modems do not support newer operating systems. In this case you might consider upgrading your modem.

Does PacInfo support V.92 technology?
The short answer is no. V.92 is a fairly new technology that supports three new features for dialup modems: quick connect, modem-on-hold and PCM Upstream. Although these three features sound very appealing for the end user, new technologies such as this often come with a new set of bugs and wrinkles. PacInfo has decided to hold off on full support until the wrinkles have been pressed and bugs have been minimized. If you don't currently get a v.90 connection with a v.90 modem, then you will not get a v.92 connection with a v.92 modem. The modem software is typically smart enough to determine what conditions are available at the time and adjust accordingly. In other words, you should still be able to connect without the use of some features. Depending on the capabilities of both modems and the attributes of the phone line, the modem software will negotiate the highest speed and features both modems can support for that connection.

Can I log in to PacInfo on two seperate computers?
Your PacInfo Individual Dialup account is setup for single user only. This means if you or someone in your household/business is already connected to PacInfo, a second attempt to login will be rejected. PacInfo does offer reduced rates for Additional Login Accounts for users within the same business or household. For more information, contact PacInfo at 541.344.5006.

Why is my connection speed less than 56K?
The FCC restricts the maximum speed to 53k to start with because of signal frequency and strength restrictions. Then depending on the phone company components used to provide your phone line, the distance, and general quality of the phone line, the two modems on both ends will negotiate what speed they can use. Once the modems agree on an initial connection speed for upload and download, your connection starts. V.90 speeds can range from 28k to 53k. After the connection is made, the modems constantly monitor phone line quality and will sometimes shift the speed up or down based on the changes on the line. Certain phone line features will actually disable the v.90 protocol (56k speeds) and so the modems will drop back into a v.34 mode (33.6k maximum).
Modem driver updates can sometimes overcome certain phone line impairments that previous versions couldn't, or they are able to better negotiate a stable speed with the remote modem.
For more information about how modems work, try the following link,

What's included with a PacInfo Individual Dial up account?
Your PacInfo Individual Dialup Account includes the following features:

1 dialup connection
1 email account
5Mb of server space for a personal web page
Email virus protection service
Telephone support during business hours
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