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Mac OS 7.X / OS 8.X
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Configure Remote Access Dialer
Mac Internet Configuration
Configure my PacInfo mail account
Use Internet Setup Assitant (OS 7.X only)
How to set up Internet Access to PacInfo using Internet Setup Assistant:
1. Go to the Apple Menu, and bring up the Internet Access folder menu.
2. Select the entry named Internet Setup Assistant.
3. When asked if you want to set up your computer, select Yes.
4. When asked if you already have an internet account, select Yes again.
5. Next you will see a window listing the things you will need to be able to set up an account. Click on the right arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the window to move to the next step.
6. Type PacInfo in the What would you like to name this configuration box.
7. Under How you will be connecting to the internet select Modem and click on the right arrow.
8. When asked what kind of modem you are using choose your modem from the Modem: field.
9. Choose Modem for the appropriate connection port.
10. Choose Tone for the dial tone setting.
11. Do not check the Ignore Dial Tone checkbox and click on the right arrow.
12. Type in the phone number you use to access PacInfo in the Phone Number field. This is usually 541-762-7762.
13. Enter your username in the second window. Your username (also known as your login name) is the portion of your e-mail address that precedes the " @ " symbol.
14. Enter your password in the third window. NOTE! Make sure that you enter both your username and your password EXACTLY as specified during signup.
15. Click on the right arrow.
16. The next window will ask if you need to use a PPP Connect Script to connect to PacInfo. Check the No option.
17. The next window asks if you have an IP Address. Check the No option.
18. In the DNS Addresses box type, press Enter, then type as shown below.
19. Click on the right arrow.
20. Enter your e-mail address and password in the appropriate fields as shown.
21. You may leave the quoting character as is.
22. Click on the right arrow.
23. The next window will allow you to configure your e-mail client. Type for your POP account.
24. Type for your SMTP host, then click on the right arrow.
25. This window will allow you to configure your newsgroup client. If you don't want to use a newsgroup client, go ahead and click on the right arrow to advance to the next page. Otherwise, make your window match the one below then click on the right arrow.
26. When asked if you are using a proxy server, select the No option and click on the right arrow.
27. You are done! If you want your dialing program to attempt to connect after you are done reviewing your configurations, then place a check in the Connect When Finished checkbox.
28. Click on the Show Details button. Compare your settings with those shown.
29. After checking everything, click on the Go Ahead button.
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