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PacInfo Datavault Backup Service

Key Features

Whether you need to back up one desktop or several servers in different locations, you’ll find that our service will work for your business, thanks to an ever-increasing range of great features and capabilities.

Database Backup

You are able to back up Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, and many other databases through the PacInfo Datavault software.

Single Installation

The PacInfo Datavault software is agentless, which means that you can protect your entire network by downloading the software to only one machine. PacInfo’s Powered by Asigra Datavault backup protects all files (visible and invisible), databases, email systems and mailboxes, all standard Unix (including Mac OS X), Linux, Windows, even System I operating systems. And it does all this by working remotely through the operating systems' protocols and application APIs.

PacInfo's agentless architecture ensures that you experience no operating system and application disruption or downtime for implementation or upgrades; no security risk because of an open agent port that can be hacked; no server cycles being wasted for agent software. While at the same time you enjoy flexible Recovery Point Objectives ("RPO"), including Continuous Data Protection ("CDP"), with incomparably fast and flexible recovery.

Local Storage

Keeping a local copy of your data on your network allows for instant recovery.

Time Based Backup

This solution allows you to automatically remove stored data from our servers when that data has been unchanged for a certain period of time. The data can be removed entirely, or pushed to our Archive servers for continued protection at a lower cost.

Email Message Level Backup

Unlike an Exchange Database backup, this solution allows you to backup your Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Groupwise emails at the message level. This allows individual contacts, calendars, and email messages to be backed up and restored with ease.

SharePoint Backup

PacInfo Datavault Backup offers the supreme backup of SharePoint allowing users to backup and restore both at platform and item level. The agentless Asigra technology facilitates the opportunity of cloud based backup, without putting security at risk. The granular backup and restore opportunity not only erases issues with backup windows but also allows users to restore individual items instead of having to restore the entire server. The PacInfo Datavault Backup enables the administrators to use policy based backup based on different classes of data, such as contacts, events, files and more.
Now, enterprises can protect SharePoint data across distributed sites. More and more companies of every size are turning to Microsoft SharePoint technologies for collaboration, workflow, and document management. Consequently they are creating critical business data on servers that need to be protected to the same high level as their Exchange servers. PacInfo extends object-level restore capabilities of whole sites, databases, individual documents, calendars and more across distributed computing environments.

Mobile User Backup

PacInfo Datavault Backup can backup your mobile or remote users by installing a light weight agent on their computer. Backups are done anytime an Internet connection is available, and their backups are kept securely at the same PacInfo server your other data is kept.

Continuous Data Protection

With this feature enabled on a backup set, any file selected for backup will be immediately stored on our servers as soon as a change is made. This allows for up to the minute recovery of data as it existed at the point of failure.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare metal restore allows for the restoration of a complete system on new hardware – regardless of manufacturer – including local data, user profiles, registry/system state, service pack files and encrypted files.

Delta Blocking

After your initial backup, the software backs up only the changes to your data, resulting in lightning fast nightly backups and lower disk space usage enabling you to have many versions of a file in a smaller space. You can restore from any version still on our server.

Virtual Server Backup

PacInfo Datavault is able to protect leading virtualisation platforms such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels, and Hyper V users are provided with the highly efficient data protection without the need to install I/O, memory and management intensive backup software on virtual machines targeted for protection.

Mixed Windows & Mac Environments

Backup both windows servers and workstations and Mac workstations. A single agent for each operating system would need to be installed but it could be controlled by one administrative interface.

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