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Why PacInfo Datavault Backup Service

Not just offsite disk space.

When you are working with PacInfo, we are not just selling disk space, but rather we provide the support, software and expertise to make your data safe and recoverable. PacInfo is there to answer questions, help with setting up the software and recovering data when you need the help.

We monitor tomake sure backups are done and done right so are not burdened with figuring out how to do things and checking to verify the backup is working. What you don't want, is to find out your set it and forget it backup stopped working 2 months ago when you need to restore a file.

No costly software

There’s no need to install costly software, purchase expensive agents or have IT put in long hours configuring a complicated piece of data backup equipment. PacInfo DataVault is completely agentless, saving you valuable time and decreasing administration costs.

Efficient Backup

Using advanced data compression and deduplication techniques, you can drastically reduce the amount of data that needs to be sent to our secure offsite data storage facility ensuring less backup time and faster restore procedures with Pacinfo DataVault.

Our unique block level processing technique identifies only the changes with any given file, allowing you to send just the material in blocks of data. With shorter backup windows and a better use of bandwidth, DataVault, powered by Asigra, offers speed few providers can match.

Quick Data Recovery

Greater critical data retention is the goal of any backup recovery plan. PacInfo DataVault, powered by Asigra, allows for storage on your local network in addition to our facilities so you’ll get instantaneous recovery after any data loss…getting you back in business quickly.

Secure Solution

A secure solution to offsite data storage and recovery, you manage your own data encryption keys when you choose our services. DataVault’s exclusive security procedures ensure no one can see your data.

Scalable for any size business

We’ve scaled our services to meet your offsite data storage requirements, so you’ll pay only for the remote storage you used during that month. Because there are no software licenses and no equipment to buy, you’ll have no capital outlay when you choose DataVault, powered by Asigra.

Design retention policies to meet the needs of your company. The ideal way to purge and prune data automatically with your business in mind, PacInfo DataVault, powered by Asigra, offers real time storage with full access to your information. Only backup the critical data your company needs allowing for lower costs and faster jobs.

Pay only for the space you use

There is no software to buy, and no long term contracts. The software that is installed is only installed on one computer on your network, so it is easy to manage and doesn't disrupt your network to get started. Fees are based on just the space required to store your compressed and encrypted data on our server.

Who Needs PacInfo Backup?

Customers can range from small accounting firms to large, corporations. They can store just the data that is critical to the business, so data volumes can range from a few gigabytes to many terabytes. It’s that flexible, that scalable. Typical client profiles include:

  • Companies looking to replace legacy tape systems
  • Companies with multiple locations interested in centralized management and cost reduction
  • Organizations that have outgrown current solutions
  • Companies facing regulatory requirement compliance
  • Small businesses with limited IT resources
  • Mid-sized companies interested in streamlining IT operations and implementing best practices
  • Companies that want to focus on core competencies and not worry about backing up data
  • Franchisors looking to help their franchisees focus on core business
All of these businesses and institutions have one thing in common – the need for real data protection now. PacInfo DataVault, powered by Asigra, understands the level of response necessary in a disaster situation, and as a leading provider of online and remote backup data storage, you’ll get true offsite data protection that leverages your existing systems. Only you know the needs of your company better than anyone else, so we offer solutions for every business.
  • PacInfo can help you deal with backup and recovery challenges no matter what industry and government regulations you’re dealing with.

  • A single administrative interface allows you to manage all data backups and restores whether you have one location or two hundred.

  • There is no capital outlay for PacInfo DataVault, powered by Asigra, so you’ll only pay for the compressed storage that you use.

  • Our secure remote backup facilities eliminate the need for tape based-backups. There is no longer a risk of not being able to restore your data, nor is there the expensive media to maintain or physically store. Improve your operational efficiency by eliminating your old hardware and moving forward with a solid solution that leverages your existing systems.

With real time backup that ensures business continuity at every turn, we’re ready to provide services for companies and institutions of all sizes. An affordable solution that scales to meet the needs of any type of company, we’ll be happy to grow with you in the coming years.


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